Regressions of the Seeker and Vision

from by Auri



Cry umbra! Cry strength!
My bones are rust
On an ashen frame,
They fed the desert
where I've slept for an age,
Nursing the embers
That were once flames,
I greet you through mountains passed
Where shadows depart,
And all is left are gold silhouettes
From the place where
Light sears the flesh,
And blinds the soul

Enrich my vision, radiant seer;
Ignite my essence!

A shrouded magus,
Who visited my dominion of dreams,
Judged me in silence,
My fear did fleetingly gleam
The lust for knowing oneself once again,
A tyrant I could be,
Seeking the secrets of ascension,
To take what I will with authority,
Now XIII become my dimension
To escape spiritual poverty

There is no failure,
Only limitation,
Imposed by
The critical self,
For want of progress,
Delusions in guises
Of goals and masteries,
When all is motion,
Momentum, Stillness,
Or Stagnation.

Into darkness,
Beyond solitude;
All stimuli perceived as threat,
A consequence of,
The prison of flesh,
Abused through manifest,
Self denigration

The feeling is gone.


from The Crown of Doubt EP, released January 1, 2017
All music by XIII
Guest shouts by Mason and Shimmy



all rights reserved


Auri Brighton, UK

Auri is a two piece black metal band currently based in Brighton, UK.

XIII - Guitar, Voice
Llannoc - Bass

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